Members Rides, the Club Members have a stunning collection of cars, from mild to wild and in between. Our members have many Camaro, Firebird & TransAm from 1967 through to current model releases.

Come out for a cruise with us on one of our drives or weekends away. Meet the Club Members and enjoy your machine with us. We do all types of events and meet up to allow the cars to get out on the roads.

Website is under some re-construction, so please look around and come back soon, as we update the site and our members rides, membership forms, rego etc. all will be back up asap.

About us

The ‘Camaro Firebird Owners Club of Australia Inc.’ are a Sydney, NSW based car club dedicated to the GM’s mighty Chevrolet Camaro & Pontiac Firebird / TransAm.

A social club, we like to get out and use our machines, driving and weekends away, cars n coffee or the odd car show. Don’t forget or famous Tunnel Runs, All American Mystery Cruise Nights. We have something for all and are family friendly.

Meetings are held the 1st Wednesday Night of each Month at Wenty Leagues Club. 8.00pm-8.40pm Join members for dinner from 6.45 in the Bistro for dinner

The Club also hosts the CFNATS – Camaro & Firebird Nationals which brings all Camaro, Firebird & TransAm enthusiasts & their vehicles from all across Australia together for an awesome event. If you are a fan, you don’t want to miss this one.


Members have access to Club Rego for 30+ year old vehicles – Classic Rego (Modified Cars) and Historic Rego (Authentic Cars)

Have an older classic you don’t drive that often. If your car is 30 years or older you can put the vehicle on ‘Club Plates’ i.e. ‘Historic Rego’ and take advantage of the NSW Govt. Historic Plate Scheme including the 60 Day Logbook personal use.

To qualify, you need to be and remain a financial member of CFOCA plus maintain your Rego. in order to be eligible for Club Rego. and maintain these requirements. Download & fill in the declarations Club Declaration & CMC Declaration

Below are the basic rules to follow, please ensure that you read them and then if you have any questions please call me, you’ll also need to sign and return to me the attached club declaration form.

kind regards Geoffrey

ps:  if the car has any modifications that were NOT available from the factory/dealer at the time of sale, it is regarded as modified by Transport for NSW (aka RMS) and therefore must be on Classic Rego (C/D plates) and not on Historic Rego(H/J plates) and must follow the rules/exceptions as per the above information sheet from Transport for NSW.

New Registrations

Is your modified? If yes follow the links below under Classic Registrations – these are Transport for NSW rules.

Is your car Stock/Original ? ie. no modifications ie. as it came out of the factory or showroom, and follows the attached PDF from Transport for NSW, 

1)get the Historic Declaration form from Service NSW or internet, 

2)get the Application for Conditional Registration form from the Service NSW or the internet (1st time regos only not for renewals), get a pink slip, and ensure your pink slip person signs in the appropriate spot, then follow below; if you have any questions please ring. (both forms can be downloaded from the net)

3) in the photos include a photo of your VIN number.

Historic & Classic Registration Renewals

Club members in order to get your car signed off for Historic/Classic registration the following will be effective immediately:

1) Look up when your registration expires.

2) arrange a pink slip well before that expiry date.

3) fill out the relevant RMS form well before that expiry date.

4) email – 6 CLEAR COMPLETE (not cut off) photos of your car (front with number plate/back with number plate / whole complete LHS / whole complete RHS / engine bay / interior from driver’s door perspective) to me well before that expiry date. And photo of VIN no. for 1st time & new regos

5) scan and email a copy of your registration renewal, pink slip and club declaration together to my email address for club records. (do not post originals or copies)

6) Post the “original” Transport for NSW form (completed!) together with a stamped self-addressed envelope back to yourself to:

            Camaro Firebird Owners Club of Australia Inc.
            PO Box 2289
            North Parramatta NSW 1750

           Attention: Club Registrar

OR come to a CLUB meeting and get your form stamped, as long as you’ve already sent: photos / rego / pink slip / declarations etc.

7) I will check the post office box at a minimum every two weeks.

8) for Classic Registration (Modified cars) follow the rules in the attached links as well as above (any questions ring me)

8(A) If you include a stamped envelope to the CMC, I’ll club stamp it and then post the form to the CMC for you.

9) Ensure that your Club Membership is current (renewals are due 1st July) and ensure that you carry your membership receipt with you at all times when driving your conditionally registered car. I won’t be able to sign off your form without you being a current financial member (Transport for NSW rules)


When posting your paperwork to the club PO Box for CLASSIC Regos: include, Copy Only of pink slip ( for renewals), blue slip (for first time regos), proof of payment to CMC, plus the Original 

Transport of NSW form, and hard copy of CMC declaration and soft copy of Club declaration and a stamped envelope with the CMC’s address on it so I can post it for you.

Read and comply with the attached links, if unsure ring me:

Fellow club members, in order to ensure that your classic car remains registered, please ensure you follow the above, thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

And lastly ENSURE that your Pink Slip / Blue Slip person has signed / stamped the forms / dated the forms and added VIN / ENGINE numbers etc. etc. where applicable (to the “Application for Classic/Historic rego” for rego renewals and the “Application for Conditional Rego” for first time regos as well as the “Application for Classic/Historic regos”

The pink / blue slip needs to identify your car (via VIN no. and / or Rego no.) and your car only! (especially applicable for 1st time regos)

DO NOT ALLOW your PINK / BLUE slip person to sign / touch etc. etc. the Transport for NSW Historic / Classic declaration forms, those forms are for the Club Registrar and/or CMC to sign/stamp. If they do, you’ll need to get another form.

If you are not sure of anything please call to clarify, thanks.


Unleash your Camaro, Firebird or TransAm, get out and about with us and enjoy your ride

Come along and join us for a drive, or drop into our Monthly Club Meeting and meet the members. If you like what you see, join on the spot and come along for the ride Camaro – Firebird style.

We have multiple events, family friendly and social group of members. Also a number of very knowledgeable members that can assist with those technical questions to assist your build.